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Frequently Asked Questions


How did Camp Firefly begin?


While working on the television series Growing Pains, Kirk and Chelsea Cameron met many sick children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Their "wish" was to see the show, meet the cast, and get an autograph. Deeply touched by these families and all they were going through, Kirk and Chelsea wanted to give something more, so they created the unique experience of Camp Firefly. The camp has been in operation for 32 years, Kirk and Chelsea still staff it with their family and friends, and have hosted more than 200 families from around the country.


Why do you call it Camp Firefly?


We loved it for two reasons. Fireflies are light, and hope is light. We want to bring the light of hope to these families. That they can always be a family, no matter what happens. We also loved it because Camp Firefly is filled with fireflies. They are everywhere at nighttime. The kids catch them in jars and watch them light up like fairies.



What kind of activities are at Camp Firefly?


There are sing-a-longs, s'mores and bike rides for those who are able. Some day's we enjoy a Mexican fiesta, a Hawaiian luau, a country BBQ, and even an African drum party. One very special day, the dads play golf together, the kids have a very special day of their own and the moms get makeovers. Sometimes a husband tears up when he sees his sweetheart looking just likle the woman he fell in love with. That evening, the couples go to the restaurant on the grounds and share a candlelight dinner. For most, it's the first time in months or years they have been able to connect and be romantic.


During the nights, we square dance at a country jamboree, roast marshmallows, catch fireflies, swim in the pool, and of course, leave time to just sit under the stars and talk. Each day is designed for the whole family to enjoy.


Where is Camp Firefly?


The camp is located just outside of Atlanta, in the beautiful pine mountains of South Georgia. We stay in privately owned villas on 13,000 acres of land, including a 3,000 acre wilderness preserve, fishing, lakes, bicycle and hiking trails, 36 holes of golf, an Azalea garden and the worlds largest manmade, white-sand beach on a lake.


What makes Camp Firefly unique?


Careful attention is given to the needs of every family member (not just the sick child), providing them with plenty of time to rest and rejuvenate. Camp Firefly is about families. It'sabout making new friends. It is about inspiring faith in God and helpiung one another. We strive to love and support each other through our difficulties, making friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.


How can I volunteer?


For the sake of the safety of the children and families, our volunteer staff has been carefully selected and we are not in need of any new staff at this time. If you want to help Camp Firefly in a practical way, perhaps you could make a donation and encourage your friends and family to do the same? You could sponsor a child, a family, or some of the unique camp activities (like the Mom's Make-over, Dad's Golf Day, airplane tickets, or lodging costs). You could also tell your company about Camp Firefly and ask your co-workers if they would help you support this camp. Donations of all amounts are very much appreciated.

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