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Camp Activities

Big Top Circus

Our families float through the air on a real flying trapeze with the Florida State University circus team! Walking the tight rope, riding the cloud swing, juggling, and other thrilling activities make this one of our favorite days at camp!

Water Sports Day

Several mornings during camp, parents and children take over Robin Lake with Super Ski Nautiques for thrilling boat rides, waterskiing, wake-boarding and tubing. Our ski experts are absolute pros when it comes to fun, safety, and making it possible for kids to walk on water!

Wild Animal Safari

We snuggle with giraffes, feed zebras and watch deer and sheep try to climb onto our bus. Lions, tigers, and hyenas roar throughout the park. Rhinos, camels, and other amazing animals graze out of our hands. What fun!!

Buttsmill Farm

Our friends treat us to a day of horseback riding, go-carts, miniature golf, a petting zoo, and a delicious lunch at their family farm. Ye- haw!

Barn Dance

With authentic bluegrass music, Irish jigs, tap dancing, and drum parties, our barn dance is a hoot! We make a camp fire, roast marshmallows, and eat fried chicken, black-eyes peas, greens, watermelon, and peach cobbler at this authentic country ho-down!

Fiesta Night

With Mexican food, music, and colorful sombreros, we have fun all night by the pool, topped off with a giant candy filled piñata breaking contest!

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