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About us

Camp Firefly is a very special and unique, once in a lifetime experience for terminally and seriously ill children and their families. This all expenses paid, fun-filled, week-long retreat gives struggling families time to get away from the everyday pressure of hospitals, medical treatments, and financial worries to spend quality time with one another, meet other families who understand their challenges, and replenish their supply of faith and friendships.


Camp Firefly is designed to bring laughter back into the lives of burdened families. For husbands to see their wives as the sweetheart they married. For wives to fall in love with their husbands again. For kids from all the families, sick and well, to have fun and connect with each other, finding hope for the future by drawing strength from God and one another. 


"After children battling cancer leave camp,we know, that for a moment in time, they experienced the joy of just being a regular kid. "

Boys on the Cart
Waterslide Fun
Bike Day
Tubing on the Lake
Safari Time
Looking for Giraffes
Getting Ready to Kneeboard
Pool Time
Barnyard Fun
Ready for the Circus Day
Creating Memories
Reflecting on Camp
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Get involved

If you want to help the families at Camp Firefly, sponsor a sick child or a whole family! Please consider making a generous donation online or by mail. It's really helpful if you encourage your friends and family to visit our website by posting something about Camp Firefly on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You could also sponsor some of the unique Camp Firefly activities (like our Mom's Make-over, Big Top Circus, Dad's Golf, Wild Animal Safari, Hawaiian luau, or Water Ski Adventure)! You could also tell your company about Camp Firefly and ask your co-workers if they would help you support Camp Firefly. Donations of all amounts help and are very much appreciated!

For the sake of the safety of the children and families, our camp staff consists of trusted family members and long time friends with counseling experience. We are thankfully not in need of on-site volunteers at this time.

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